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Vas Happenin’

Hi Hey Ho You know what is truly disappointing? Waiting for a year to witness rainfall or maybe just a touch of rain. Even drizzling works fine. And one morning you finally wake up to see black clouds and hear the heavens thundering. And you quickly rush to the terrace to be there for the… Continue reading Vas Happenin’


In Process

I have always been very hard on myself. This is not my own deduction solely. I have been told time and time again from my confidants that I need not be so harsh. I tried to observe the instances where I was becoming my own enemy for a long long time and came across a… Continue reading In Process


What goes on

After months of no-show, I forced myself to sit with the laptop today and not get up until I had jotted down a few words. I have to constantly remind myself how much I love writing but normally give into the fear of not making sense. The blog space remains untouched, the last update months… Continue reading What goes on

Book Reviews

In a dark dark wood by Ruth Ware

The latest book I read was a thriller and suspense by Ruth Ware. I was not a great fan of the last book I read by her but somehow I ended up getting this on a Pinterest recommendation and here I am with the review. Similar to Ruth's style, In a dark dark wood follows… Continue reading In a dark dark wood by Ruth Ware



Hey Hi Ho! How has life been o handful readers?! You know this blog is just an outlet. I am not hoping to gain overnight fame even though that might have been my thought process initially. The point is to share my thoughts and experiences with even a handful of readers. The stats page tells… Continue reading Her.

Book Reviews

My grandmother sends her regards and apologies by Fredrick Backman

Hi Folks! Last week I finished what would remain to be my most favorite and recommended book of all time for people in grief. I bought this book from a second-hand bookshop. I do not understand my attachment to second hand books but it is strong. I feel elated knowing that someone might have turned… Continue reading My grandmother sends her regards and apologies by Fredrick Backman


I am therefore I will.

Hi Hey Ho! They say humans are at the peak of their success at the age of 40. I have been hanging on to this fact with all my life. Every time I chicken out of a certain idea for a business, this is my self-satisfying excuse. I would have carried on giving myself this… Continue reading I am therefore I will.


When I went on a Social Media Cleanse..

I took an unplanned leave from social media which included my blog as well among other sites. It was a spur of the moment decision and I had not thought it through. I went through a social cleansing inspired by some online articles, self-assessment and of course because of the blessed month of Ramadan. It… Continue reading When I went on a Social Media Cleanse..


Of weight gain woes & mountain views

Hi Haye Haye.... Its been over two weeks since I posted something light and funny about my life in general. I have been so lazy. So so so lazy. It is not like I did not have enough to share. Come to think of it, I was not even that lazy. Just mainly tired. Why… Continue reading Of weight gain woes & mountain views

Book Reviews

Luckiest girl alive by Jessica Knoll

This review was much awaited. Especially since I managed to finish this book two weeks ago but was too lazy to post my review. I personally hate it when people whine about their procrastination but it is real and it is strong. And this is where I will precisely stop before I indulge into my… Continue reading Luckiest girl alive by Jessica Knoll